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A new concept launched is Ke, a modern drinks and desserts concept as an extension under the Food Atrium division in the Group. Offering a variety of specialty quenchers, desserts and juice blends, Ke reimagines and incorporates these nostalgic flavours of age-old classics into trendy, modern-day renditions. Expect tantalising creations such as fresh coconut blend Coco Cloud, smooth & creamy Kopi Slush and signature Sea Salt Chendol to appeal to all. With the launch of its first outlet at Food Junction Rivervale Mall, Ke will be rolled out progressively across other outlets, complete with a Halal-Certified version at selected locations.

Must Try: Coco Cloud, Sea Salt Chendol, Kopi Slush, OG Lemon Punch

Food Junction Pte Ltd.

Food Junction @ Junction 8


Incorporating avant-garde sous vide cooking into its dish preparations, modern teppanyaki concept FIREYAKI is the first in Singapore to introduce an integrated culinary approach as such in a food atrium setting! FIREYAKI adopts the best of speedy hotplate stir-frys and steadily poached sous vide ingredients. This unique amalgamation of food preparation methods not only speeds up queues at mealtimes, it also produces consistently moist and tender cuts stewed in their own juices, then seared lightly with aromatics and in-house sauces – think perfectly cloned quality dishes on every visit. The brand new concept will mimic the self-service order flow of stalls within the food atrium.

Must Try:Soy Glazed Sous Vide Chicken Chop, Sous Vide Teppan Tenderloin Steak, Yakisoba Pancakes

Food Junction Pte Ltd.

Food Junction @ NEX, Food Junction @ Junction 8, The Food Market @ Century Square, The Food Place @ Raffles City

Toast Junction

Toast Junction encompasses the soul of quintessential local breakfast fare, complemented with hearty Asian comfort food in a cosy, casual environment. Traditional Hainanese brown bread toasted warm and crisp, spread with creamy pandan kaya and salted butter – this simple and unassuming dish is the essence of a classic heritage dish in Singapore, often coupled with 2 soft-boiled eggs and a cuppa freshly brewed kopi.
Using quality coffee beans from our very own coffee roasting facility, each cup of kopi at Toast Junction is freshly ground and brewed with a traditional Hainanese method, resulting in a rich and aromatic flavour.

Must Try: Kaya Butter Toast, Thick Toast, Asian Delights

Food Junction Pte Ltd.

Food Junction @ Rivervale Mall

Sergeant Chicken Rice

Representing our National Dish in Singapore Day 2008 in Melbourne, 2016 in San Francisco and 2019 in Shanghai, Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice follows a recipe that has roots from the 70s. Using 14 different ingredients compared to the 4 or 5 used by most Chicken Rice hawkers, Sergeant’s signature white chicken is steamed to tender perfection, and complemented with addictive fragrant rice prepared with rich chicken stock and fresh herbs like pandan leaves and lemongrass.

Must Try:Steamed Chicken Rice, Chicken Cutlet Rice, Ayam Penyet

Food Junction Pte Ltd.
Food Junction Pte Ltd.


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