Frequently Asked Questions for Food Junction RSVP Card


How do I use Food Junction RSVP Card?

Top-up your Food Junction RSVP card at any Self-Service top-up kiosks at Food Junction outlets if necessary.

Simply present your Food Junction RSVP card at any Food Junction stall to get 10% discount.

    • Food Junction Dollars & 10% discount is accepted at all stalls within Food Junction.
    • 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, vouchers or privileges

Where can I purchase my Food Junction RSVP card and top-up my Food Junction dollars?

You may purchase Food Junction RSVP card at any Food Junction Drinks Stalls. Food Junction dollar top-up can be done at Self Service Kiosks (via NETS. No cash payment allowed) located at any Food Junction outlets.

How long is the validity of my Food Junction card and stored value?

Food Junction cards are valid for 7 years from date of encoding.

Topped-up credits are valid for 5 years from top-up date. However please note that all unexpired stored value is not refundable.

For refund of NETS FlashPay value only, customer may obtain from automated teller machines (“ATM”).

Customers can view the details of their current Food Junction dollars at Food Junction Self Service Kiosks, NETS terminal and FlashPay mobile app available at Play Store.

Terms and conditions of NETS FlashPay and RSVP merchants apply.

Can I still use my Food Junction card after it expires?

Yes, any unexpired stored value in the expired card is still redeemable at relevant outlets of merchants however top-up transactions will not be permitted.

Can I perform NETS FlashPay (Public) top-up or other RSVP top-ups at top-up kiosks at Food Junction?

Top-up kiosks at Food Junction only allow Food Junction RSVP transactions, this includes top-ups and card balance enquiries. Customers will not be able to perform any Nets FlashPay or other merchants RSVP transactions.

Can I refund my Food Junction card?

No, refund of Food Junction card is not permitted.

Can I still pay by NETS and NETS FlashPay at Food Junction?

Yes, NETS and NETS FlashPay payment modes are still acceptable at Food Junction but customers will not be able to enjoy the Food Junction 10% discount.

I lost my Food Junction card, can I deactivate it?

The Food Junction card is deemed non-retrievable once misplaced and there is no refund or deactivation for lost or stolen Food Junction cards

Who should I approach if I am facing issues with my Food Junction card?

For RSVP top-up, valid refund or faulty card issues, customer may contact NETS at or call 6274 1212.

Food Junction RSVP card is a joint programme between Food Junction and NETS. We seek your kind understanding to give us sufficient time to get back to customer inquiries.