Focusing On Growth

Food Junction remains committed to grow its food court and F&B business segments, not only in Singapore but in the Asia-Pacific region. Our footprints are across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We believe that under any economic condition, there will be room for growth in the resilient mass market F&B industry, as consumers are always in search for affordable food of good quality.

Advancing In Technology

In 2015, Food Junction introduced cash-free payment to all its islandwide food courts and became the first food court in Singapore to offer NETS Flashpay payment option. This cashless dining option not only provided customers with convenience but also gives our diners an incentive to visit Food Junction.

Quality Food Provider

Local street food hawkers are hand-picked by Food Junction Management where the larger multi-site platform of Food Junction allows them to grow their businesses and achieve greater visibility and success. Our food courts are 70% anchored by local food champions, complemented by famous and ‘new to market’ regional Asia food synonymous to Singapore’s cosmopolitan status.

With a passionate team of foodies, we revolutionized the Singapore dining scene with our concept driven thematic food court under the management of efficient operations teams, providing the highest possible standards in food safety housekeeping and cleanliness with good customer service levels.

Enhancing The Dining Experience

In this fast changing consumer landscape, Food Junction recognized the need to move with times and evolve with our customers. We are continuously seeking new ways to enhance our consumers’ dining experience through the introduction of design-orientated spaces and creative F&B concepts. Visit some of our thematic food courts such as Raffles City and Bugis Junction with ‘colonial’ and ‘art market’ themed concepts, which inspire and cater to different target audiences.

Strengthening Our Capabilities

New roles have been created in areas such as information technology and customer relationship management, which we believed are important success factors. In this process, we are also mindful of the importance of investing in our people – nurturing talent and creating a conducive environment.

Sense Of Corporate Social Responsibility

It is always important to remember the less fortunate in our society. Food Junction partnered with two fund-raising initiatives in 2009 – The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and The Business Times Budding Artistes Fund. The first benefits school-going children from low-income families and helped an estimated 12,500 children in 2009 alone. Through our donations, we hope to ease the financial burden of these children’s parents while helping them to stay in school. One of the fund’s activities we participated in was ChildAid 2009, the charity concert organized by the Straits Times and Business Times of which we were a bronze sponsor.