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Toast Junction

Kaya Butter Toast Set comes with 2 Soft Boiled Eggs & Hot Kopi/Teh  传统面包套餐(附有2粒半生熟蛋+热饮)   $5.00

Fried Mee Hoon Set comes with Fried Egg, Luncheon Meat, Cabbage & Hot Drink   $6.00
米粉套餐(煎蛋 + 午餐肉 + 包菜)(附加热饮)

Buddy Meal A – Mee Rebus + Chee Cheong Fan (2pcs) + 2 Hot Drinks   $9.00
双人套餐 A – 马来卤面 + 猪肠粉(2条)+ 2 热饮


Drinks, Juices, Desserts 

Iced Kopi  咖啡冰   $2.00

Iced Teh 
奶茶冰   $2.00

Lime Juice 
酸柑水   $2.00

Red Bean Ginkgo Nut Soup 
红豆白果汤   $2.00


Ampang Yong Tau Foo (Halal-Certified)

Soup  汤   $6.00
Tom Yum  冬炎   $7.00

7 pcs Yong Tau Foo with Rice/Noodles
(Beancurd with Fish Paste, Dumpling, Beancurd Skin with Fish Paste, Bittergourd with Fish Paste, Chilli with Fish Paste, Eggplant, Hard Boiled Egg)
7件 酿豆腐加饭/面(白豆腐,饺子,鱼肉腐竹皮,苦瓜,辣椒,茄子,水煮蛋)

Beauty Nutritious Soup

Traditional Healthy Hakka Lei Cha with White Rice   $6.00

ABC Soup with Brown/Pumpkin Rice   $7.00
ABC 汤+糙米饭/金瓜饭

Lotus Roots with Kudzu Pork Ribs Soup with White Rice   $7.00

Ginseng Lotus Seed Lily Chicken Soup with White Rice   $8.00


Crane Korean  

Kimchi Fried Rice  泡菜炒饭   $6.00

Kimchi Soup with Rice 
泡菜汤套餐   $6.00

Stoneware Bibimbap
(Chicken/Pork)   $7.00
石锅拌饭 (鸡肉/猪肉)

BBQ Saba Fish + Chicken/Pork/Beef with Rice   $8.00


Fire Western & Grill (Halal-Certified)

Chicken Chop with Rice/Fries  烤鸡扒套餐   $7.00

Fish & Chips with Rice/Fries  炸鱼套餐   $7.00

Grilled Lamb Chop  烤羊扒   $12.00

Grilled Cowboy Steak  烤牛扒   $13.00

Mixed Grill (Beef, Lamb, Chicken)  烤鸡牛羊   $15.00


Fitra Chicken Rice (Halal-Certified)

Wanton Noodles/Hor Fun  云吞面/河粉   $5.00

Roast Chicken Hor Fun  烧鸡河粉   $5.00

Curry Chicken Noodles/Hor Fun/Bee Hoon   $5.00

Three Treasure Rice  三宝饭   $7.00

Fu Xiang Kitchen

Curry Chicken Set  咖哩鸡套餐   $7.00

Cereal Chicken/Fish Set  麦片鸡/鱼套餐   $7.00

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken/Fish Set  奶皇鸡/鱼套餐   $7.00


JJ Japanese Cuisine (Halal-Certified)

Yakitori Chicken + Tempura Yasai 鸡肉串 + 天妇罗蔬菜套餐   $6.00

Saba Teriyaki Set
日式鲭鱼套餐   $7.00

Chicken Teriyaki + Fried Ebi Bento
日式鸡扒 + 炸鱼柳套餐   $7.00 

KL Traditional Chili Mee

Mini Combo Ban Mee  迷你大杂面   $7.00

Meatball Soup with Noodles  肉圆面汤   $7.00

Fish Dumpling Soup with Noodles  鱼胶面汤   $7.00

Signature Abalone Combo Soup  大杂汤   $15.00


Mala Xiang Guo

Mala Set Meal with Mushrooms  麻辣套餐   $9.00

Sour & Spicy Noodles  酸辣粉   $6.00

Pickled/Mala Fish  酸菜/麻辣鱼   $16.00


Odeon Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles Set (Dry/Soup)  牛肉面 (干/汤)   $6.00

Beef Organs Thick Beehoon/Hor Fun (Dry/Soup)   $8.00
牛什粗米粉/河粉 (干/汤)

Beef Organs Set  牛什套餐   $8.00


Padang Lezat (Halal-Certified)

Curry Chicken Set with Curry Veg & Kang Kong   $7.00

Beef Rendang Set with Curry Veg   $7.00


Riverside BBQ Grill (Halal-Certified)

Ayam/Ikan Panggang Set  烤鸡/烤鱼套餐   $6.00
(Grilled Chicken / Grilled Fish Fillet)

Ayam Panggang + Sotong Panggang Set 烤鸡+烤苏东套餐   $8.00
(Grilled Chicken / Grilled Squid)  烤鸡+烤苏东套餐

Ayam Panggang + Ikan Panggang Set 烤鸡+烤鱼套餐   $8.00
(Grilled Chicken + Grilled Fish Set)  烤鸡+烤鱼套餐


Yu Kee Duck Rice

Yu Kee Set for 2  友記套餐   $15.00

Teochew Braised Set  
潮州卤味套餐   $8.00

Roast Pork & Chicken Char Siew Rice  烧肉鸡叉烧饭   $6.00