Junction 8


Dial-a-Meal @ 82815467
& Self Pick-Up!

Pick-Up Point: Near our entrance beside Toast Junction


Temporary Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm




Beauty Nutritious Soup

Ginseng Lotus Seed Lily Chicken Soup   $7.00

Lotus Roots with Kudzu Pork Ribs Soup   $6.00

ABC Soup 
 ABC 汤   $5.00

Traditional Healthy Hakka Lei Cha with Pumpkin/Brown Rice   $6.00


Fitra Chicken Rice (Halal-Certified)

Three Treasures Rice  三宝饭    $7.00

Chicken Porridge  
鸡粥   $4.00

Chicken Macaroni  
鸡肉通心粉   $4.00

Fragrant Hot Pot

Chicken Set Meal with Rice & Soup   $7.00

Pork Set Meal with Rice & Soup   $7.00

Beef Set Meal with Rice & Soup   $7.00

Fu Xiang Kitchen

Curry Chicken with Rice   $7.00

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken with Rice   $8.00

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice  $8.00

Cereal Chicken with Rice  $8.00

Hong Kong Roast

Char Siew & Chicken Rice  叉烧鸡饭   $7.00

Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice  
叉烧烧肉饭   $7.00

Roast Duck & Roast Pork Rice
  烧鸭烧肉饭   $8.00

Char Siew Wanton Noodles  
叉烧云吞面   $6.00 (S) / $8.00(M)

Imperial Fish

Double Fish Soup with Rice   $6.00

Seafood Soup with Rice   $6.00

JJ Japanese Cuisine

Chicken Teriyaki + Fried Ebi Bento 日式鸡扒+炸虾饭盒   $7.00

Chicken Teriyaki + Fried Fish Bento   $6.00

日式三文鱼 + 炸鱼饭盒

Saba Teriyaki Set
日式鯖鱼套餐   $6.00

Luk Yu

Porridge    $6.00
Choice of: Handmade Meatball, Century Egg, Sliced Fish, Tri-Egg, Braised Duck Meat

Beef Brisket Rice Noodles   $9.00

X.O. Think Think Noodles   $5.00

Gyoza 6pcs   $6.00

Original Delights

Deep Fried Chicken Rice (Thai Sauce / Pepper Sauce)   $6.00

Deep Fried Fish Rice
(Pepper Sauce / Sweet & Sour Sauce)   $6.00

Original Fried Rice   $5.00

Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice   $6.00

Penyet King

Ayam Penyet with Rice   $7.00

Ayam Bakar with Rice   $7.00

Ayam Sambal Belado with Rice   $7.00

Putian Kitchen

Xing Hua White Bee Hoon   $7.00

Putian Signature Fried Rice   $7.00

Putian Fried Noodle   $7.00


Teppanyaki Sliced Beef with Garlic Chilli with Rice  $11.00

Teppanyaki Sliced Lamb with Garlic Chilli
with Rice  $12.00

Teppanyaki Fish Fillet
with Rice  $14.00

Washoku Goen

Beef Omelet Curry Rice   $10.00

Tonkotsu Special Ramen   $10.00

Japanese Double Katsu Original Curry Rice   $11.00

Yu Xin Korean Cuisine

Chicken/Pork Hot Plate Set   $7.00

Kimchi Soup   $6.00

Hot Plate Saba Fish + Beef/Squid Set    $8.00