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Dial-a-Meal @ 84271270
& Self Pick-Up!

PICK UP POINT: Near Beauty Nutritious Soup stall

Temporary Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm



$5 Deals (till 30 June 2020)

109 Yong Tau Foo – 7 pcs YTF (Soup/Dry)

Fitra Chicken Rice – Chicken Noodles / Kway Teow

Hao Jia Ban Mian – Fried Chicken Cutlet La Mian

Penyet & BBQ – Ayam Penyet

Wisma Beef Noodles – Hot & Spicy Beef Brisket Noodles Soup

*While servings last.

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  • Food Junction Management reserves the rights to amend the terms without prior notice



109 Yong Tau Foo

6 pcs Yong Tau Foo  六件   $6.00
Seafood, Beancurd, Mushroom, Tomato, Black Fungus, Fish Cake


Laksa Gravy 加叻沙汁   $1.00

Laksa Gravy with Noodles 加叻沙汁和面   $2.00

Rice/Noodles 加饭/面   $1.00


Beauty Nutritious Soup

ABC Soup  ABC 汤   $5.00

Special Herbal Chicken Soup  药材鸡汤   $7.00

Watercress Luo Han Guo Pork Soup  西洋菜罗汉果猪骨汤   $5.00 


Add Rice (White/Pumpkin/Brown)   $1.00
加饭 (白饭/金瓜饭/糙米饭)

Add Cold Beancurd  加冷盘豆腐   $3.00

Add Xiao Bai Cai/Bean Sprouts  加小白菜/豆芽   $3.00

Add Braised Beancurd Sheet  加卤豆支   $3.00


Fitra Chicken Rice (Halal)

Chicken Rice Set  鸡饭套餐   $7.00

Three Treasures Rice  三宝饭   $7.00

Honey Glazed Chicken Hor Fun/Noodles  蜜汁鸡河粉/面   $5.00


Add Xiao Bai Cai/Bean Sprouts  加小白菜/豆芽   $4.00

Add Braised Egg/Chicken Liver/Gizzard  加卤蛋/鸡肝/鸡胗   $1.00

Add Rice  加饭   $1.00


Hao Jia Ban Mian  

Fried Chicken La-Mian  炸鸡扒拉面   $6.00 

Steamed / Fried Dumplings   $4.00(6pcs)/$5.00(8pcs)

Traditional Dry Stir U-Mian  传统干拌面   $5.00/$6.00


Korean Cuisine

BBQ Chicken/Pork Set  韩式烤鸡/猪肉套餐   $7.00 

Grilled Saba Fish Set  韩式烤沙巴鱼套餐   $6.00

Bibimbap (Chicken/Pork/Beef)  韩式拌饭(鸡/猪/牛)   $6.00 

New Hong Kong Roast

Char Siew Rice  叉烧饭   $7.00

Roasted Pork Rice  烧肉饭   $5.00 

Char Siew Wanton Noodles  叉烧云吞面   $6.00/$8.00 

Roast Duck Rice  烧鸭饭   $6.00


Add Meat  加肉   $3.00

Add Rice  加饭   $1.00

Add Braised Egg  加卤蛋   $1.00


Original Delights 

Cereal Fried Rice (Chicken/Pork/Fish)  麦片炒饭   $6.00

Tom Yam Fried Rice  冬炎炒饭   $6.00

Fried Dong Fen / Hong Kong Fried Noodles   $5.00
干炒冬粉/ 香港炒面


Penyet & BBQ

Ayam Penyet Set  印尼烤鸡套餐   $7.00

BBQ Chicken Set  鸡肉套餐   $7.00

Sotong Bakar Set  烧烤苏东套餐   $8.00


Add White Rice  加白饭   $1.00

Add Vegetables/Egg/Tofu  加菜/鸡蛋/豆腐   $1.00


Wisma Beef Noodles 

Beef Noodles (Soup/Dry)  牛肉面   $6.00 

Mixed Beef Organs Soup (Rice/Noodles)  牛杂汤   $6.00 

Beef Tendons Soup (Rice/Noodles)  牛筋汤   $8.00